Welcoming the New Year with news from the Food and Nutrition world

Every year passes with more research findings and new breakthroughs in the food industry, weight management, or concerning the clinical aspects of nutrition therapy.

Some of these findings may be shocking; others prove some myths about food and nutrition wrong, or simply confirm traditional old methods and food uses to be actually good for your health.  

Super healthy food has fully arrived to Kuwait. Quinoa had the biggest highlight to the point where the year 2013 was officially recognized as “The International Year of the Quinoa.” Quinoa can be eaten as a grain but has way more value than any other grain. It is full of antioxidants such as flavonoids and vitamin E, has higher quality protein, good source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, and contains better amount of Iron, calcium, and folic acid. It also has anti inflammatory properties, with the ability to lower total cholesterol and helping maintain levels of the “good” cholesterol.  The second nutritious addition to your diet this year is the (chia seeds). Chia has become popular for its high content of antioxidants. Good news is that these two super foods can be found now in Diet Center’s new Detox program which was launched on October of 2013, packed and ready to be delivered to you.

Another research recommendation stated that if you want to eat healthier when dining out, surround yourself with friends who make healthy food choices. There was strong evidence on how the people you eat with can influence your meals that you order and make you choose from the same menu category. Take this peer pressure for your advantage and dine with health oriented friends.

Want to know something about junk food? It is bad for your health. A fact affirmed by Jamie Oliver; a famous chef well known for his healthy burger recipes who won his battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world. This fast food chain announced that they will change their low quality meat recipes and stop using a chemical substance called ammonium hydroxide (pink slime). Ammonia is usually added for cleaning and filling their burgers to make it fit for human consumption and is seriously harmful to health. He also demonstrated how chicken nuggets that children enjoy in fast food restaurants are actually made from the remains which are supposed to be thrown in the trash (fat, skin and internal organs of chicken) then processed for these fried foods. All this and more disturbing findings are yet to arise about the low quality junk food that we eat and feed our children.

You know the saying “the eye eats first”? Well, this is not always true. Some researchers say that over-exposure to images of food increases a person’s satiation, and may actually put him off a particular food. So, food photos on social media may ruin your appetite. These findings could be useful for those who want to stay away from a particular food. Let’s say um… like chocolate. If a person wants to avoid eating it, looking at more pictures of it may help!

A healthy diet may reduce the risk of severe depression, according to a study of more than 2,000 men conducted at the University of Eastern Finland. The study supports the hypothesis that a healthy diet has potential in the beating off of depression, but not only this, it can also be helpful it its prevention. If you ever feel down, have more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish, and less Junk food, sugar and processed meats. Who knows you might even lose weight and feel more ecstatic!

Let us leave all the junk food and depression behind us .Take this information for our own benefit and start the New Year with a healthier and fresher life style with a fit body.

by: Nermeen Tahboub

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