What’s your Healthy Resolution for 2014? #HealthyResolutionDC

New Year is coming! Start being healthy and decide to change your bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle:

  1. Go for coloring foods including veggies, fruits and grains
  2. Always pack the lunch box for your kids at night the day before, and pack your own snacks too.
  3. Change your routine and start walking everyday with your friends
  4. Buy a big new plastic bottle and keep it near to your desk at work to drink a plenty of water
  5. If you enjoy snacking more than eating real food, make it a point to reduce the number of snacks by half with the new year
  6. Don’t go to restaurants more than once a week, enjoy family cooking at home instead
  7. Get yourself a pedometer and start counting your steps daily. Aim to reach 10,000 steps daily for physically active life
  8. Write down a list of three bad habits you want to change and three good habits you want to include in your New Year’s Action plan
  9. Remember that big goals are reached by small gradual changes, the most important thing is to make these changes last

We would like to wish you all a year full of success, happiness and good health!

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