3rd Kuwait Fitness & Health Club Association (KFHA) Gathering.

The 3rd Kuwait Fitness & Health Club Association (KFHCA) gathering was recently held at the C Club. The members of the association tackled the importance of sports nutrition during the 2nd gathering; therefore this time they invited the Diet Center team, to take part in their current event as a member.

Mrs. Faten Gharzeddine, Head of Dietitians at Diet Center, highlighted the importance of a proper nutritional plan for athletes and the misconceptions spread by uncertified trainers. “The high protein, no carbohydrates diet is recommended by many of the trainers in Kuwait without taking the health consequences into consideration”.

The members of the KFHCA emphasize the importance of having a certification for all the trainers in Kuwait, which focuses on fitness and the nutritional aspects.

KFHCA 2013 calendar is based on fitness awareness and Diet Center’s role is to spreading awareness about the importance of a balanced diet.


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