AIDS in Kuwait – What We Know and What We Can Do

AIDS is a worldwide pandemic that affects millions every year, but does it affect the country of Kuwait? In a recent interview with Dr. Hind, the head of aids at the statistics & information office in the Ministry of Health, she stated that AIDS is low in the Middle East region, including Kuwait. She also conveyed these other interesting facts about AIDS in Kuwait:

  • More males than females are affected in Kuwait. 3/4 of the patients are males and 1/4 are females.
  • Middle-aged persons are the most affected.
  • Government is in complete charge of the long life treatment and expenses by following the WHO international protocol.
  • Discrimination is the main socio-psychological problems that patients are facing due to the lack of knowledge regarding the HIV way of transmission.

Awareness and education about AIDS is absolutely key. If more people knew how it was spread then less incidents would occur.  Please take a minute to watch and share with your friends and loved ones the YouTube video below. It was produced by the Ministry of Health.

MOH AIDS Awareness campaign


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