Aiming for this Renault car! How to fuel for your best race?


“Let’s Walk Together” the 21st National Bank of Kuwait Marathon is set on the 7th of March this year. If you didn’t register yet now is the best time, last registration date is on the 5th.

Now how to fuel your body to win this Renault? Follow these advises and let’s grab this opportunity!

What to eat 2 days before the marathon?
In addition to the standard advice of eating whole foods, consume the proper nutrition, and get lots of fruits and vegetables, We recommend that in the week leading up to the race you consider increasing your percentage of calories that come from complex carbohydrates. Because glycogen stores and glucose availability are so important to endurance races, it is important to make sure you have topped off the tank. Whole wheat pasta or brown bread are a great source of complex carbohydrates and adding a few into your dinners the pre-race days is a great way to go.

What to Eat the Morning of the Marathon?
On the morning of the race, we recommend eating a balanced pre-race meal with plenty of complex carbohydrates, three hours prior to the race. This tops off liver glycogen and provides enough time for postprandial processes, such as an increase in insulin, to return back to normal. At that point you are good to go!

Finally, you don’t want to wait until the tank is empty to start putting more fuel in. Consume 175ml of sugar and electrolyte recovery drinks every 4km, starting at the 4km mark.
Enjoy the race, see you on the 7th!

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