Parents have the great impact on their children especially on their eating habits. Children and toddlers are the most category that are facing obesity. Eating with friends in restaurants, consuming fast food more than three times/ week and having unhealthy snacks in the school all are causes that lead to obesity. Parents should guide their children to the healthy lifestyle by explaining the risks of obesity.


  • Instead of drinking soft drinks, sports drinks, flavored milks and canned juices advice them to have small fresh juices and high water intake
  • Avoid eating fast/ junk food and give the child healthy sandwich with colorful veggies
  • Do not go for the closed malls during the weekend, try to choose the beach or gardens to allow them to be more active
  • Never motivate your kid to finish the homework by having a big fatty meal instead you can suggest to take a walk or bike his bicycle in the house/ garden
  • While shopping in the supermarket do not allow your kid to choose candies and chocolates, guide him to the fruits corner

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