How to get #BACKONTRACK after a long vacation

After the season of holidays; many of us take a look at what they did and start a damage control process. However; you may feel so overwhelmed and slumped that you don’t know where or when to start.

We will help you organize your agenda to get ready to tackle the New Year.

{ You weren’t getting enough sleep }

A healthy 7-8 hours of deep night sleep is important to revitalize your body. In fact without proper sleep; you can hardly improve anything in your lifestyle.
Put your body on a regular healthy routine, replace the afternoon long naps with a hobby that you like and wake up at the same time daily

{ You’re stressed out and fatigued }

Take 5 to 10 minutes to retreat to a quiet place daily and rest your body and mind whether to meditate or pray.
Retreating includes shutting off your mobile; turning off your TV and removing yourself off social media networks. This routine will help you relieve holiday and daily tension and allow you to refocus your energy

{ You have lost your fitness level }

Thought you may not be able to go back to your previous level of fitness in a couple of days; you need to put a plan to start somewhere; add 10 minutes bouts of
exercise to your day two or three times a day; this may include; weight training in the morning; a walk during the day and stretching activity in the evening.

{ You forgot what your kitchen looks like }

Avoid the urge to make dining out your routine because it may result in more kilograms on that scale and less money in your bank account. Restart cooking at home by
planning your grocery shopping and meal cooking every week and sticking to it. Make use of leftovers so you don’t have to cook daily.

{ Your sweet tooth made an unexpected counterattack }

You have been fighting that sweet urge for a long time and probably congratulated yourself when you thought that it was gone for good; but during that vacation it
made a comeback. Detox your body to allow recovery and recognize the types of food that makes you binge eat. keep those food off your home to avoid temptation.

{ Your diet plan went down a disastrous path }

The holiday season is all about breaking routine including healthy ones. You will be dinning out more than you usually do; eating later than you should and
indulging more than you want to. Find your way back to healthier eating habits slowly by adding more greens to your meals; avoid late night snacking and high calorie beverages; divide your meals into three meals and adding healthy snacks in between.

Fatima Al-Amin
Clinical Dietitian

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