Chai Thoha

Chai thoha is a popular tradition among Kuwaiti women, especially between family and friends. It includes a variety of foods like flat Iranian bread, cheeses, labneh, eggs, and sweets and never to forget their companion “coffee and tea”.

We all know that traditions are very special to our hearts so do not get rid of them just enjoy it in a healthy way:

  • Go for whole wheat bread and try not to exceed more than a quarter slice of the iranian flat bread which is the kind of bread mostly eaten in Chai Thoha.
  • Choose skimmed versions of cheeses and labneh.
  • Have your eggs boiled instead of fried.
  • Eat more vegetables; they will make you feel fuller.
  • Have sweets in very small amounts or just replace them with fruits for more nutrients and less calories
  • Enjoy your coffee and teas with no white/brown sugar instead add artificial sweeteners.
  • Avoid carnation milk with your tea and have skimmed milk instead


A lady usually needs around 1200 to 1500 calories a day so  be wise and keep in mind your lunch and dinner calories.

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