Cigarettes, Chicha, Hubbly Bubbly, … a way to lose your Life!

It is a sad reality that our society is so role-modeled-oriented.

The image of what is considered beautiful is those stick-thin, models, actresses, actors, singers with boney arms and legs. It is the template that most women right now are trying so hard to fit in, so much that they would do anything to lose the extra weight that they think they are carrying. Some of these women subscribe to various diets, whether scientifically proven or just fads, while some exert all effort to burn away the extra weight. some take diet pills, and some even go through surgical procedures just to suck the fat out of their bodies.

Sadly, there are some women who will not stop at anything to lose weight, who are truly convinced that the only way to be considered beautiful is to fit the size and shape of the ideal image that society holds. Unfortunately, smoking is one of those means that some of those women use to lose weight.

Why smoking? It is because smoking is one of the fastest ways out there to lose weight. Smoking accelerates weight loss because it kills the appetite and quickly burns the extra weight off the body’s system. And by smoking we don’t mean only the pack of cigarettes you buy from the grocery, chicha or hubbly bubbly or whatever you call it is also smoking But just as unfortunate is that while smoking kills the appetite, it also burns away the nutrients that our body needs to be healthy and functioning properly. While we may think that the quick weight loss that smoking brings us is good, in the long run, it is only going to cost us our health. Did you know that according to WHO statistics in 2010, 23.6 % of Kuwaitis are smokers. 42.3% of the males are smokers and 4.4% of females are smokers. It is estimated that an adult consumes 1,812 cigarettes per year, a number higher than that consumed by adults in the USA and in any other GCC country. This number ranks Kuwait in 18th place worldwide. Smoking also increases the risk of a person getting cancer. And not just cancer of the lungs; smoking is linked to cancer of the cervix, the larynx, the esophagus, the kidneys, the pancreas, even breast cancer.

Smoking also robs the body of calcium, so women who smoke are more prone to developing osteoporosis than women who do not smoke. In addition, women who smoke are also more likely to give birth to premature babies and babies with congenital defects. Smoking may be a quick fix to anyone’s weight problem, but in the long run, the detriments that it brings to our health is not really worth it. Regardless of what image society projects, a truly beautiful woman is not just someone who is thin and can fit into size six clothes. A truly beautiful woman has a body that is fit and toned and whose skin glows with health.

If you want to lose weight, smoking is not the ticket for you.

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