Cooking Light: Great Taste for Thinner Waist

While cooking you may have some bad habits that you’re not even aware of! Cooking at home is better because you can control your ingredients and using healthy recipes. Using healthy cooking methods allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and meals, while lowering the fat contents. There are many guidelines that could help you control your calories intake:

1-      Cook your food by using oil sprays to control its quantity

2-      Steam your vegetables instead of boiling to keep your veggies nutritious and avoid losing its nutrients

3-      Never add butter to food because it is high in saturated fats, you can use olive oil instead

4-      Cut down using salt while cooking, instead; try out herbs or other spices such as cumin, turmeric and black pepper

5-      Use the measuring cups while cooking to control the food sizes

6-      Use lime or lemon juices to give the food good taste

7-      Mostly use the oven to bake and grill food to decrease extra fats

8-      Use variety of fruits to create your sweets instead of adding high caloric chocolate

Cooking your own meals could teach you how to cook in a healthy way and let you control your calorie intake.


by: Mariam Zadah


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