Diet center takes the beach to The Men’s Event!

Diet center bought a little sunshine with their summertime beach theme, to the event that took place for the first time in Kuwait, dedicated only to men, The Men’s Event, hosted by Fashionet at 52 Degrees from 26 – 27 June! While the 26th was for VIP guests only; the 27th was open to the public, which caused an even larger crowd appearance.

mens event

The ambiance was upbeat, the setting was filled with bright colors and the guests were very interactive!  Al-Watan TV watched closely while taking pictures of all the live action taking place.  Smiling faces, laughter, and music filled the air while our chef served a selection of freshly made juices and crepes. Finally, Diet Center would like to thank Fashionet and 52degrees for this lovely event!

mens event2

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