Eat Healthy Q8 Launch event

The Diet Center, in collaboration with ARGANA Hotels and Resorts, announced the launch of Kuwait’s nationwide initiative at a press conference held at the C-Club on the 14th of April.

Eat Healthy Q8 is the first of its kind initiative that aims to spread awareness about the health risks posed by obesity and the importance of adapting a healthy and active lifestyle among children.

The one-month initiative aims to gather 30 overweight children from 10 different schools across Kuwait and to enroll them in the Eat Healthy Q8 program. Children will have the chance to learn about the benefits of proper eating habits and exercise with the help of personal dietitians and trainers.

The children’s diet plans will be provided by The Diet Center Kuwait based on their weight, BMI, physical activity and medical status. Physical training will be supervised by Kuwait C-Club trainers. In addition, doctors from Royale Hayat hospital will conduct tests to assure the children’s medical status, Children will then be provided with a specialized diet program from the Diet Center. A specialized pediatrician will be present to provide the necessary healthcare for children throughout the program.

The Eat Healthy Q8 initiative aims to fight childhood obesity and the diseases triggered by this health issue.

Obesity is a major cause of heart problems, diabetes, depression and may lead to cancer. The Eat Healthy Q8 initiative firmly believes in the advantages of early education and the importance of molding and mentoring children in order for them to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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