Feeling Cold? Don’t panic *Nutritional Solution* – #DCWinterFood

As Winter started 1 month ago; the real cold temperature technically just got started. Nutrition always has a solution to protect yourself… But How?

Besides the regular trends of the Winter, specific food can play a big role in helping facing the cold, protecting against fever and much more…

Here are some tip that can help against cold:

  • Ginger root is great for warming the body up on a cold day.
  • Green tea will increase your energy as well as warmth.
  • Garlic increases both body temperature and metabolism rate. Add it to your hot meals or as part of salad.
  • Honey can increase the heat generated by body which makes it excellent as a winter drinks sweetener. However watch out for the additional calories that honey adds to your drinks.
  • Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which is known to have thermogenic properties.

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