Finally the magical potion is here!!!!

A group of American Scientists recently discovered a plant species that is capable of increasing the basic metabolic rate significantly through promoting more energy expenditure in muscle cells.

While the exact mechanism is yet to be fully understood, the scientists in John Hopkins University -USA noticed that muscle mass gained considerable ability to burn more fat when consuming this product.

This product which is a species in the garlic family and is known as Allium Sativum was then tested on a group of morbidly obese volunteers.

The volunteers took the medication twice a day and did mild physical activity for 5 minutes daily to initiate fat burning. Surprisingly, they were able to lose 2-4 kilograms of their body weight weekly regardless of what they ate.

Unlike the rest of herbal medications for weight loss, the effect of this product continued even after the participants stopped taking it. Their metabolic rates remained high and this helped them to maintain their weights for long time.

This herbal potion is expected to be a new revolution in diet concepts and we would like to announce to our dear members that Nutrition and Diet Center is the exclusive agency for it in Kuwait.


Did you fall for this?!! Happy April Fool’s Day and remember that the ONLY way to lose those extra kilos is with proper diet and exercise.

Don’t let ads about magical pills or potions fool you.



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