Flying Light!

You’re running late for your flight and you’re rushing to get to the airport as quick as possible! You storm through all the frustrating security check points to get to the terminal to board your flight, but wait! You haven’t had anything to eat! Try to stick to the following tips to have a calm, healthy journey.

Whether you are at the airport lounge or at a fast food restaurant or just in a coffee shop you will always find healthier food choices. If you have the time, walk around the food area to size up your portions before deciding what to eat. If you chose to have a sandwich, go for whole-grain bread with turkey or tuna as a lean source of protein with no mayonnaise. If you go for a salad, try choosing the most colorful as possible and if no light dressing is available just have 1 tablespoon of the regular portion. If you are not hungry and you only want to enjoy a cup of coffee go for American or espresso with no sugar but if milk is your coffee’s best companion go for skimmed milk with no extra cream and if you like the sweet taste go for artificial sweeteners. Always remember to drink lots of water to keep calories down and stay hydrated.

So for a healthier and lighter flight just go inside your plane as light as you can HAVE A SAFE LIGHT TRIP!!!!

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