Good food for Good hair

There are a lot of hair products out there, some works and some  don’t while there prices can be expensive.  Why buy them when you can achieve the goddess hair with healthy diet ?

The effects of poor diet on hair may show at longer period than on skin such as hair loss can appear after months while acne and dry skin  shows in weeks. To have a strong hair, you must consume a balance healthy diet, have good night a sleep , drink a lot of water and be active like what all body parts require.

Strong or good hair requires a lot of nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, E , B complex and zinc , omega-3 and  potassium where it can be found in many foods such as sweet potatoes, salmon, walnuts, blueberries, eggs, spinach and lentils.

Because hair is mostly made of  protein , you need to eat a lot of lean meats to provide your body with the building blocks for the hair .Iron is also needed to carry oxygen to the hair follicle, so mostly  girls who are anemic can suffer from hair loss. Iron and vitamin C work best together to increase iron absorption so hair can benefit it  more.  Beta carotene , folate and vitamin C are needed to keep the hair follicle healthy and scalp oil circulating .


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