Healthy Love Life

The blessings of healthy eating not only show on your overall health, but it can make you and your partner a happier couple. A lot of healthy foods can be secret ingredients for spicing up your marriage.

–          Avocados: these monounsaturated fatty acid rich fruits are important for good heart and blood circulation that will guarantee nourishment to all the right places in your body.

–          Almonds and nuts in general are packed with zinc, selenium and vitamin E. All of these trace elements are key players in boosting your passion and sexual desire.

–          Dark chocolate; a good reason why Valentine ’s Day is linked to chocolate is that dark chocolate is full of methylxanthines, another passion enhancer.

–          Strawberries: the vivid red color of strawberries can enhance your sensations besides they are packed with antioxidants that are good for your heart.

–          Rocca leaves; this dark leafy vegetable is loaded with antioxidants that will protect you from the effect of environmental contaminants which blocks your love desire.

–          Citrus fruits of any kind are rich in vitamin C and folic acid that are important for your reproductive health.

Healthy Love Life Foods

On top of that, make sure to keep a healthy weight to avoid having chronic diseases like Diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension which do not only affect your health and wellbeing but take toll on your romantic life.

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