How to become healthier this summer!!

Follow these easy health tips to become slimmer and healthier this summer:

  • Don’t starve yourself.

Lose weight by alternating your food choices. Nibble on fruits and vegetables instead of chips and chocolate. They’re high in vitamins, they boost your metabolism and they taste great!

  • Water before meals.

Our bodies are sometimes confused on whether we’re hungry or thirsty. Drinking one cup of water may erase the confusion. Drinking your cup of water 30 minutes before your meal, reduces calorie intake, fills up the stomach faster, helps with digestion and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh!

  • Orange food

Foods with high levels of carotenoids (orange food) such as carrots, mangoes, squash and sweet potatoes, enhance your tanning process and give you a beautiful bronze, radiant colour!

  • Size matters

You can still enjoy a burger and fries, while maintaining a healthy regime. Instead of ordering your meal supersized, order it as a kids meal and replace your mayonnaise with mustard or ketchup!

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