Hungry after a tough workout?

You’re hungry after your one hour session of exercising at the gym and you want a bite to eat, so you stop at your favorite local junk food place and order a large burger meal.

Stop right there!

Eating unhealthy food while keeping an exercise regimen is a toxic combination that can cause lack of energy, discomfort, crashes and upset stomach. Junk food is heavy in terms of calories and saturated fats which may make you feel nauseous and your bonus will be some extra kg .

Go for A light snack about 15-30 minutes after exercise. As we know athletes need to have protein for muscles repair after exercise but they also need carbohydrates to regain some energy and restore blood glucose levels and minerals and not loads of saturated fats and calories found in junk food







So next time, after your hard work at the gym, eat something healthy and nutritious so you can have the energy and determination to continue working out.

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