It is socially Contagious!!! WARNING

We all heard about contagious disease which can be transmitted by physical contact with the person suffering the disease. But do you know that OBESITY is also CONTAGIOUS?

Many studies have shown that when you have a frequent contact with obese people, you will be more prone to become obese. But the question is “How it’s spreading?”

Until now, researchers don’t know the main reason. Probably, it’s due to social norms. For example, you will develop same eating habits as your friends if they have bad ones. Another example is when you go out with your friends; you tend to order same unhealthy meals.

Studies also showed the following results:

  • If you have an obese friend , your chance of becoming obese will increase by 57 %
  • If your spouse is obese , your chance of becoming obese will increase by 37 %


LOSING WEIGHT to reach the ideal body weight is also socially CONTAGIOUS. In fact, when someone tries to follow a diet plan to reach his ideal body weight, his friends will also try to lose weight.

As a result, we can notice that people always tend to look to others when they decide how much their weight must be and how much they should eat & exercise.

So, it’s YOUR TURN to spread the healthy eating habits and lifestyle if your are following a balanced diet plan combined with physical activity.


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