Did you know that some hormones in your body can increase your hunger and decrease your appetite?

Let’s have a look at: LEPTIN


Leptin is a hormone which can decrease your appetite. This hormone is made from your fat cells and plays an important role in regulating energy intake and expenditure.

In general, Leptin circulates at levels directly proportional to body fat; in other words, the more fat you have, the more Leptin is in your blood.

The receptors of Leptin are found in brain neurons. Leptin sends a signal to the brain to notify the energy storage in your body such as body fat.

Many factors may affect the level of Leptin for example:

  • Some studies have shown that lack of sleep can reduce the serum level of  Leptin
  • Emotional stress may increase the serum level of  Leptin
  • Physical exercise may reduce the Leptin level



In fact, obese people have a high circulating concentration of Leptin due to the high percentage of body fat. But, they are resistant to the effects of Leptin which means their bodies don’t respond to Leptin’s signals. This case is similar to people with type 2 diabetes who are resistant to the effects of insulin.

As a result, the main role of Leptin to decrease appetite in obese people will be ineffective and the body won’t adequately receive the satiety feeling after eating.

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