More Hidden Ingredients

In some medical situations such as high blood pressure, a sodium restriction is required. The most common name for sodium is “SALT”.

Spot Hidden salt in salad dressings , canned soups , canned tomato sauces , cheeses , Ketchup , Mustard , soya sauce , pickles , olives , potato chips , pretzels , salted crackers, packed popcorn , vegetable juice, salted nuts and smoked meat &  fish .

Also, you should understand the meaning of food labels regarding the “Sodium”. Here is the list with the meaning of each term:

  • Unsalted:  no salt was added to the product.
  • Sodium free : < 5 mg of sodium / serving
  • Low in sodium : ≤ 140 mg sodium / serving
  • Very Low in sodium : ≤ 35 mg sodium / serving

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