Must-have grocery shopping list

When we visit supermarkets to shop for groceries we always have in mind the staple items such as eggs, milk, bread, etc., but what about the types of the foods you buy? To really change how you feel and look you have to change what you buy to eat. Follow this easy list to get you into the right mind-set of buying healthy groceries.

  • Whole grain bread. It’s great when you don’t have time to prepare lunch and you’re feeling hungry. The groceries you need to buy along with that bread to make a hearty sandwich are low fat cheeses and hearty vegetables.
  • Cheese and yogurt. They’re an excellent source of calcium and proteins, but make sure you pick up the fat free versions!
  • Skimmed milk. It’s the perfect ingredient for a shake or a great addition to your tea or coffee. Make sure you buy a cold one and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Fresh Vegetables. One of the most over overlooked grocery item. They provide lots of antioxidants and fibers which are essential for every person to keep diseases away. Pick up colorful vegetables for use in salads, sandwiches, or throw together some garlic-laban dip to snack along them.
  • Fruits. Far from sight far from heart! Never forget to pick up some fresh fruits which provide you with important vitamins and fibers.

Overhauling your grocery list will not only impact you, but also your childrens’ eating habits. Make the change today and you’ll feel the progress tomorrow!

Download a grocery list and make sure to have all the ingredients listed!



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