No Excuse!

Every day we have an excuse, sometimes we are tired, sometimes we don’t have time, sometimes it is dusty! But a 30 minutes from your precious time can change your Lifestyle

Follow these easy steps:

Find stairs! Climbing stairs is an incredibly effective cardio and lower-body sculpting workout, and you can normally find staircases somewhere at home J

Use water bottles as dumbbells. You get the dual benefits of resistance training and hydration, both critical during the summer. Water bottles can be used for a number of toning exercises such as tricep kickbacks, arm circles and overhead presses, and can also add resistance to lunges and squats.

water dumbell

Burpees. The most comprehensive exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime! Three sets of burpees will give you a cardio workout while also targeting upper body, lower body and core strength. It’s the all-in-one exercise!


Find a table. tables can be found in numerous areas of the house and serve as a great fitness tool. For a quick full body routine, try the following: Sit on the table with your legs extended straight in front of you, feet on the ground. Pressing your palms into the table with fingertips forward, lift your rear end off and slightly in front of the table, and bend your elbows directly behind you for a tricep dip. Shoot for 15 getting the full range of motion. Turn around and finish the set with 15 push ups, hands on the table, back in a straight line from your neck to bottom of your spine. Start from the beginning with the reverse lunges, followed by tricep dips and pushups. Complete three full sets.


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