Pregnancy 101


What your body needs during pregnancy

A healthy diet is important during pregnancy in order to ensure the proper growth for the baby. Pregnant woman should avoid fad diets because it may affect the quality and quantity of the milk.  During this period, she needs 300 extra calories which is equivalent to half a sandwich and 1 cup of skimmed milk.

Iron, calcium and folic acid are the 3 key nutrients that need to be increased during pregnancy.

Deficiency of iron is common in pregnant women. The intake of foods rich in iron (chicken, fish and meat) should be increased. Legumes and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, rocket leaves and kale are also a good source of iron which is less absorbed by the body so we advise to add a source of vitamin C (lemon juice) in order to improve its absorption.

Folic acid is used to build protein tissues. It’s important to increase its intake before and during pregnancy in order to prevent the risk of birth defects. This vitamin is found in dark leafy green vegetables, okra, broccoli, asparagus and fruits such as melons and bananas.

Calcium is important for the development of bones and teeth of the baby. Pregnant woman should consume 1000 mg of calcium daily which is equivalent to 3 cups of low fat/skimmed yogurt or milk.

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