Riding the emotional roller coaster with diabetes

Diabetes is a well known metabolic disease and it affects a lot of people around the world due to many factors, physiological and environmental. There are several challenges that diabetic patients suffer from, it can be the physical and emotional. But the emphasis is on the emotional part of being diabetic. It is normal to feel depressed, stressed and angry about your situation. The most important thing is to deal with it because stress and feeling down takes a negative effect on your blood glucose level. It can rise up with overeating as most people do when they are stressed or depressed or it may drop with skipping meals.

Young Man with His Hand on His Forehead


Things to do to improve your situation:

  • Talk to friends and family about your situation , it may help you and you would not feel alone
  • Eat healthy and get regular physical activity
  • Do your favorite activities that you enjoy
  • Learn how to relax through deep breathing , visualization, mediation or yoga

 by; Qout Almekhled 

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