Shocking facts about Kuwait and Diabetes!

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to overcome. Kuwait has an unusually high number of diabetes cases in adults and in children too. We are going to be looking at some shocking facts about Diabetes in Kuwait that will open your eyes to the issue.

  • Kuwait is ranked 3rd in the world for diabetes prevalence and ranked first in the MENA region.
  • In Kuwait 36% of men and 48% of women are obese.
  • 74% of men and 77% of women are overweight.
  • Approximately 21% to 25% of Kuwaitis are already suffering from type II diabetes.
  • 22 of every 100,000 children suffer from diabetes.
  • Patients in Kuwait with Type II diabetes are much younger compare to patients around the world.
  • Research implicates by 2030 1 in 10 will suffer from diabetes.
  • Continuous eating out and eating large portions is the cause of almost 80% of diabetes cases in Kuwait.

But how do we combat this? The answer is easy; modify your lifestyle now. The first step after seeking medical advice is getting on a proper diet.

To find out more information about this dilemma in Kuwait, you can click here to read an article written by Diet Center’s head of dieticians, Dr. Faten Gharzeddine, titled The Ugly Truth Behind Diabetes.

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