The Desire to Eat

Indulging in food is a favorite pass time for many but considering Kuwait’s growing obesity problem maybe we enjoy food a little too much.

So, why can’t we stop ourselves from eating all this fatty and unhealthy food?

When your stomach is empty it releases a hormone called Ghrelin. This interacts with your brain by sending signals that turn on the desire to eat. Once you satisfied this desire by eating, Ghrelin levels drop back down and hunger subsides, on the other hand a different hormone Leptin is released from the stomach and fat cells interfere with your brain signals further turning off the desire to eat and make you feel full

But if this hunger regulatory system is in place why can’t we say no to that second piece of cake or a bag of chips?

Recently studies have shown that the continuous intake of fatty and sugary foods overrides the regularity system of Ghrelin and Leptin and the signaling pathway fails to control our new unhealthy diet.

It’s a self induced problem. The more unhealthy food you eat the more you desire food.

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