Think beyond the scale!

What’s with dieters and scales? A lot of people have love-hate relationships with their scales. They can either make or break their days. And instead of focusing on healthy eating, they start frustrating over the changing numbers on the scale.


If this sounds familiar to you or to someone you care about, read on.

Following a healthy meal plan is not about less numbers on the scale, it goes far beyond that. It has a positive impact on your health, body composition, waist circumference and more. And weighing in, though a helpful tool to quantify progress can sabotage your efforts to embrace a new healthy lifestyle if you did not put in mind that:

– The scale cannot measure your health; are you fit? Can you run your daily errands and still have the physical power to enjoy the rest of your day? Do you have normal blood lipid levels?

–  The scale cannot tell whether you carry excess fat or not. When it comes to weight loss, what you lose is more important than how much you lose. If you lose 1 kilo of fat and gain 1 kilo of muscle mass, this is considered a success but a scale fails to tell you that. Thus it is better to get a body composition analysis than frustrating over weight numbers.

– Daily weigh-in is a big no-no when you are monitoring your weight loss. Weight fluctuates on a daily basis depending on whether you have fluid or sodium retention, constipation, bloating, PMS, etc…

– Weight should be monitored once every week at most, after going to the bathroom, using the same scale and same clothing.

– Weights taken by different scales should NOT be compared because they are not calibrated in the same way. That is, avoid weighing yourself one week in a pharmacy and the second week at home or in the gym. This will not give you a good idea about how well you are doing

– Take a hint of your advancement from how comfortable you fit in your clothes. Sizes can change before the weight number on the scale

The scale does not measure your value or your progress in following a healthy lifestyle. Thus do not use as a punishment or reward system and when it comes to gaining health always think beyond the scale.

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