University started and so is stress!!!

Unfortunately, holiday is over. University is starting which means so is stress. Stress is one of the main factors in causing insomnia, tiredness, sometimes also stomach upset. This all contribute in causing other metabolic diseases (anemia, diabetes type 2 and high cholesterol). Especially the first day of University, you are not used to waking up this early and seeing the sunlight (your sleeping hours have been reverse) or lack of sleep or being just nervous. This is all normal among university and college students. Things you may do to reduce stress:

  • Drink herb tea ( chamomile tea) the night before to ease your stress
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat your breakfast before you go to class
  • Try to change your sleeping hours at least before starting university in  3-4 days
  • Avoid the trip to any coffee shop for a quick fix instead have an orange juice in the morning to keep you alert.
  • If you must nap have 0.5-1hr nap after school not more

And wish all the best for this upcoming semester, good luck all.


Written by:

Qout Al Mekhled

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