We are just at footsteps from 2013!


This is the time where you make your new year’s resolutions and improve yourself.. “This is going to be the Year!”

How about making a healthy resolution this year?


Live a healthy and better life by following simple tips:

• Cut down on everything that has a negative effect in your life.

• Go for sweets, which are small portion size and low-fat. Why not enjoy some exotic fruit salad or some low-fat and low-sugar puddings?!

• Improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence while enjoying physical activity as part of your life! Walk, go jogging and do fun outdoor activities. Life is beautiful so enjoy it!

·  Always set targets in your life and seek them!  Aim for a target weight this year.  With effort and motivation you will reach your Goal!

·  Seek help from a qualified health professional. A dietitian is your best source of reliable and up-to-date food and nutrition information

• Cut down on sweets and junk food, “this time seriously!” Enjoy them occasionally but do not make them a part of your habitual diet and life. When having them, opt for better options, such as:

a. Baked potato instead of French fries.

b. Salad with mustard-lemon / balsamic / vinegar sauce instead of commercial dressings / mayonnaise / oil.

c. Brown bread instead of white bread.

d. Diet soda instead of regular soda.

e. Tomato-based meals rather than creamy ones.

Remember… Everything is Possible!

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