Welcome to Eat Healthy Q8

Hello and welcome to the Eat Healthy Q8 blog by Diet Center!

Diet Center was the first dedicated diet and weight loss center in Kuwait that opened in 2001. We are an innovative, caring, and responsible company who have always been in touch with our customers on a personal level. We are now taking this to the next step with the launching of the Eat Healthy Q8 blog.

Eat Healthy Q8 is a new health oriented blog that will be focusing on calorie consumption, portioning, nutrition, healthy and unhealthy foods, and interesting posts about what people in Kuwait consume on a daily basis. Our main goal is to help educate people on healthy eating habits and healthy living lifestyles.
We want to give advice on how to live a happy healthy life through correct dieting and we want to hear from you about it too! This is an interactive blog and we encourage posting comments and giving us your perspective on dieting. Maybe you could even teach us a thing or two!

This is the start of something fun, fit, and social, and we want you to be a part of it. Join in on the Eat Healthy Q8 blog and make your day a healthier one.

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