Winners of Diet Center’s Instagram Trivia Contest / week 2

For the second week, Diet Center had a trivia competition on Kuwait’s history on instagram.

Here are some facts about last week’s questions, congratulations to the Winners …

Treaty of Friendship Anglo – Kuwaiti,  is a treaty concluded between The British Empire and the governor of Kuwait Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah in January 23 1899 at his request in order to resist the tide Ottoman



The General Administration of Customs founded in the era of the late Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah in 1899. It’s considered as the first governmental department established in Kuwait,   The General Administration of Customs is the party that handle all customs business work, and also execute all decisions issued from country’s ministries and governmental organizations.  Also it can be considered as the first line defender to protect country’s security an economy from the covetous and who has criminal manners and who aim to violate laws.


Sheikh Abu Abdullah Sabah I bin Jaber Al Sabah (Sabah I; c. 1652–1762 (or 1718 or 1764) (Arabic: أبو سلمان صباح الأول‎)) was the first Ruler of Kuwait’s ruling al-Sabah dynasty.



Ahmadiya School opened in late May 1921 and was named Ahmadiya proportion of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah , the second regular school in the history of Kuwait after Mubarakiyah School was demolished in 1957



The National and Liberation day Instagram trivia ended on Thursday, Diet Center wished all their followers luck in the next competition, So stay tuned!






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