Winners of Diet Center’s Instagram Trivia Contest.

Last week Diet Center had a trivia competition on Kuwait’s history on instagram where they posted a question every day and whoever is the first one to answer the question right wins a prize. Congratulations to last week’s winners

Here are some facts about last week’s questions…

The Amiri hospital was built in 1949 to be the first government owned hospital. Before that there was only the US missionary hospital and small clinics run by doctors in their own houses. The original hospital building was closed in the 1970s after the opening of the new modern building.



Kuwait first fence was Built in the reign of Sheikh Sabah bin Jaber in 1760 AD , with a total length of 750 meters. The remaining  buildings that were inside the fence are the famous 4 mosques: Grand market mosque, the Khalifa mosque, the Adsani mosque and the Hadad mosque. The wall was built of mud and it was enough to guard against attacks from neighboring tribes after gradual collapse of the influence of the Bani Khalid


Mubarakiyah School opened on December 22, 1911, was named al Mubarkiyah relative to Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, it is the first regular school in the history of Kuwait, and its first Director was Sheikh Yusuf bin Isa Qenae.


Kuwait’s constitution is the constitution or the law that determines the regime in Kuwait, and is developing rules that govern the three powers legislative, executive and judicial. The Kuwaiti Constitution, the oldest in the Arabian Gulf region was issued on 11 November 1962 during the reign of the Prince Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah.


1927 was the Opening of Kuwait’s first airport, located in the Dasma area on the outskirts of the city. First flights to “Dasma Airport” are operated by Imperial Airways — an ancestor of British Airways — using the desert landing strip as a refueling stop on the Britain-India-Britain air route.


Diet Center will continue the competition this week so pick up your history books and be ready to answer the question at 4pm today!

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